fnatic vs. Karnage in SteelSeries KoTH

After defeating Alien Invasion last month with a score of 4-1, fnatic will attempt to keep their streak going in the SteelSeries KoTH as they face Karnage tomorrow.


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fnatic are sitting on the chance of finally being able to hold a streak going past the one week mark when the final series of the SteelSeries KoTH dawns upon us tomorrow! After going split-even in terms of results with a total of 3 wins and 3 losses throughout the season, the upcoming Bo7 against Karnage eSports should be what gives fnatic a positive record in the competition as well as another $250 in the pockets of their players.

The participating players have already been drawn and they are the following:

Santeri 'Naama' LahtinenFrostJorge 'ToXiC' Rodriguez Castrillo
Viktor 'Miniraiser' MalmbergPolar NightDanail 'Giantt' Lazov
Alexander 'Pink' Cvitanich HaugstedYeonsuDennis 'StrinterN' Christensen
Zifeng 'hellokitty' WangBel'Shir VestigeEik 'Eiki' Johannes Nysted Grødem
Anton 'Zanster' DahlströmDerelict WatcherChristoffer 'Namshar' Kolmodin

Image Source: fnatic.com

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