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Actors Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, and Garrett Hedlund all appear in character at <i>Tron: Legacy</i> event.

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Encom International, the fictional company from the Tron films, recently held a press conference to show off its latest creation at Justin Herman plaza in San Francisco, coinciding with the first day of WonderCon. Prior to the conference, players of the Flynn Lives alternate reality game gathered to plan their infiltration of the event in order to spread their anti-Encom message. At their rally, shirts and posters bearing the Flynn Lives logo were passed out, along with exclusive achievement code stickers for the ARG Web site and Space Paranoids pins.

Of course he does, he's in Tron: Legacy!
Of course he does, he's in Tron: Legacy!

After explaining the game plan, which included a four-part takeover of the press conference platform, the group split up and walked next door to await Encom's presentation. There, Encom executive consultant Alan Bradley and his wife Lora Baines (played in character by Tron film stars Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan, respectively) delivered a delightfully hammy speech about the future of their company, which included an online release of the Space Paranoids game that made it famous.

Immediately after the Bradleys were ushered off stage following technical difficulties, the event was taken over by chanting Flynn Lives members who read a prepared statement denouncing Encom for slandering the name of missing genius Kevin Flynn--the Tron character played by Jeff Bridges from which they took their name. The stunt culminated when an apparently stolen Encom helicopter flew by overhead several times before releasing one of its occupants, who parachuted into the plaza during what must have been considered dangerously high winds. Though the mystery parachuter was never clearly seen, the Flynn Lives Web site has revealed that it was none other than actor Garrett Hedlund, who plays Kevin Flynn's son Sam in the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie.

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