Fly! a 737

Wilco ships its Boeing 737-500 add-on for Terminal Reality's civilian flight sim, Fly!


Wilco Publishing, known for several popular Microsoft Flight Simulator expansions, has announced that its latest pack, the Boeing 737-500 Airliner for Fly!, is now shipping. The add-on to Terminal Reality's flight simulator Fly! is a high-fidelity re-creation of the airliner, featuring 3D replicas of the plane's front, overhead, FMC, throttle quadrant, and floor panels. All switches and buttons are clickable and animated, and the sound effects were recorded on a real 737 flight deck. Additionally, the airliner's flight model is weight-adjusted depending on the passenger load and fuel level.

The add-on is available on CD-ROM from Wilco's site for US$29.95. A patch to make the downloadable version of the 737-500 current with the CD-ROM release is also now available from the site.

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