Florence Pugh On What It Was Like To Film "Don't Worry Darling" During COVID-19

The Black Widow star thanks the hard-working cast and crew for their tireless effort on the new movie from Olivia Wilde.


Actress Florence Pugh (Black Widow, Midsommar) has wrapped up filming on her next movie, Don't Worry Darling, from director Olivia Wilde. To celebrate the end of filming, Pugh shared a series of photos and wrote a wonderful message on Instagram where she expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew who worked so hard during such a difficult time amid the ongoing health crisis.

"The grips, the gaffer, the electrics, set PAs, sound mixer, prop masters, location scouts, location manager, production designer, art department, crafty, catering, stand ins, stunt coordinator, stunt women, stunt men, medic, COVID compliance officers and managers, camera operators, camera assistants, Director of photography, security, transportation team, script supervisor, hair artists, makeup artists, costume designers, costume dressers, boom operators, producers, writer, Director, 1st AD's, 2nd AD’s, 3rd AD's. This list goes on and on and on, the length of the rolling words and names at the end of when watching movie."

Pugh said the cast and crew were "very aware" of the reality of filming a movie during COVID-19 when they signed on to make the film.

"It was a COVID movie. One that could get shut down at any moment and of course, we did," she wrote. "However, despite these new shooting restrictions and guidelines, I can't tell you how energised these people in my photos have been. How inspired, how hard working no matter what the circumstances. We've had people leave and people join and each time we've been met by beautiful, crazy talented beings."

Despite the challenges related to making a movie during COVID, Pugh said every person involved in the production did they best and gave it their all.

"Every single person delivered their A game and it's the many long list of names like those above and in the credits at the end of movies that actually get this hard, messy, fun weird job done. So... one final thank you to this amazing crew. You are the best bunch of jammy jammy dodgers and we are so grateful for you! I look forward to watching what we made," she wrote.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson replied to Pugh's post on Instagram, writing, "So well said! Team work from start to finish. Congrats sis."

Gemma Chan, who also stars in Don't Worry Darling, commented on Pugh's post as well. She wrote, "WAHOOO happy wrap darling ❤️"

Don't Worry Darling is a psychological thriller about a woman, played by Pugh, who is unhappy with her life in the 1950s. Harry Styles and Chris Pine also star in the film.

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