Floigan Brothers First Impressions

You control the two Floigan brothers as they try to rid their junkyard of cute, but evil kittens.


Floigan Brothers is a name that has been floating around for quite some time now. We've all known that it will be a platform title for the Dreamcast from Visual Concepts. That's it though. Recently, more details have appeared in online articles (such as one article from GameSpot News, which we have linked on the right). Today, however, we have the first pictures of Floigan Brothers in action.

The game's main characters (pictured in these screens) are Hoigal and Moigal, two brothers that must use their skills to fend off a greedy land developer with the prospect of acquiring their property.

Floigan Brothers is being planned as a second quarter 2000 release. Stay tuned to videogames.com for a full preview soon.

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