"Flight Cimulator" Comes to Cities: Skylines

User mod brings Microsoft's dormant flying series to Paradox's city-building game.

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Microsoft's Flight Simulator series may have come to an end, but gamers are keeping the franchise alive with a new mod for Cities: Skylines called "Flight Cimulator." The mod, created by Steam user Ulysius, is available now through Cities: Skylines' Steam Workshop page.

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"What is this? A flight simulator inside a city builder? Yes! Follow your dreams!," Ulysius writes.

Players can press CTRL + A to enter flight mode, and then use WASD and mouse controls to fly through the sky. Ulysius cautions that the mod is a work in progress; future updates will introduce building collisions, engine sources, and overall "better simulation."

If the map looks familiar, it's because the Flight Cimulator mod uses the Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos map created by another player earlier this month. For a closer look at the Flight Cimulator mod, check out the image gallery below.

GameSpot's review of Cities: Skylines gave it an 8/10 for its realistic city-building game mechanics based on a sound understanding of zoning. The game sold 250,000 copies sold in its first 24 hours after launch earlier this month, going on to move more than 500,000 copies to date. Cities: Skylines is now publisher Paradox Interactive's fastest-selling game ever.

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