FlatOut dev teases new racing game

Bugbear Entertainment releases teaser video for upcoming demolition derby racing game for PC and new platforms.


Ridge Racer Unbounded

FlatOut and Ridge Racer Unbounded developer Bugbear Entertainment today released a teaser video for a new demolition derby racing game. According to the developer, the entire video (below) is composed of in-game footage.

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"We are returning to our roots to make this game, re-interpreting what initially excited us way back in FlatOut days. It’s full-contact motor sports with cars built for crashing," the company said in a statement.

According to Bugbear, fans have long clamored for a "proper" demolition derby game and thanks to technological advances, such a game is now possible. "We're taking destruction racing to a level you've never seen before," the company said.

"We want to make you feel the carnage."

The game is currently in development under the working title "next car game" for PC and yet-to-be-announced platforms. For more on Bugbear's latest body of work, check out GameSpot's review of Ridge Racer Unbounded.

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