FlatOut dev's destruction-themed racing game hits Kickstarter

Bugbear Entertainment launches supplemental crowdfunding campaign for "AAA quality" title asking for $350,000.


FlatOut and Ridge Racer: Unbounded developer Bugbear Entertainment has launched a supplemental Kickstarter campaign for its new "AAA quality" demolition derby-themed racing game, currently in development under the working title Next Car Game.

Next Car Game has already been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and preorders for the game were previously available on the game's website, though it is unclear how much that effort brought in.

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The Kickstarter campaign for Next Car Game went live today and asks for $350,000 in funding by December 1. At press time, funding stands at $1,506 from 18 backers.

Next Car Game is currently in development for PC, though if funding hits $1.5 million, the game will be released for both or either Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Backers will decide, Bugbear said.

The game features "sophisticated" driving mechanics and "in-depth" vehicle upgrading. Demolition derby courses, as well as traditional track races, are included.

"The publishers are telling us that there is no market for this kind of game; this raw racing game that we want to deliver," Bugbear said. "But we've been talking to fans, and we hear your message: the publishers don't know how it is. There is a market for this game."

Next Car Game is scheduled to be released in spring 2014, though a Steam Early Access version will be available for supporters ahead of time.

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