FlatOut 2 hits the road in 2006

Current-gen crashfest sequel will be published by VU and land on the PC, PS2, and Xbox.


FlatOut 2

Although it doesn't hit North American store shelves until tomorrow, VU Games' FlatOut is already expecting a sequel. The destruction derby will follow in the skid marks of its predecessor by steering onto the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC next year. The game is currently being developed by Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment, the team behind the original FlatOut.

VU Games hasn't yet opened the Jaws of Life by releasing any major details on the game, but the sequel is expected to continue the tradition of FlatOut's fully destructible environments and excessive crashes. As well, there will be 16 fully customizable cars to choose from.

In FlatOut, released in Europe last November, racers speed across various environments while taking out competitors, roadside edifices, and anything else that gets between their fenders and the finish line. Gamers can also sadistically eject their drivers from cars in a multitude of twisted minigames, including 10-pin bowling and darts.

To get an idea of what to expect from FlatOut 2, go head-on with GameSpot's feature preview of the original.

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