Flappy48 mixes Flappy Bird and 2048, will give you something to complain about this afternoon

Flappy Bird and 2048 inspired game will teach us about the birds and the bricks.

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Remember how much you hated Flappy Bird? Do you also remember how you played 2048 non-stop for a few days until you realised it was a clone of superior mobile puzzler Threes? Good news! Now you can burn through your afternoon slump by playing Flappy48.

Flappy48 can be played in a browser (with the Unity web player installed) or downloaded via the Google Play store, and has your little 2 tile leaping between pipes and bumping into other numbers, which will combine if it's a multiple of two. Not a multiple? Then the blocks start to add up.

It's really hard. My highest score is eight.

But has this product of two clones already been cloned itself? Enter: Flappy 2048. The game starts you out as a particularly flappy 2 tile, and you must glide your way through the course while colliding with the right multiple at every junction. I'm not sure if it's possible to finish it, because I haven't reached the 2048 tile yet.

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