Flametail cleans up space junk on DSiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Virtual storefront adds futuristic space cleanup title for handheld, WiiWare library welcomes fishing sim, Meerkat adventure game, and Zoo Disc Golf.


No Caption Provided Nintendo today updated its digital download destinations on the Wii and DSi with seven new titles, including a disc golf game set in a zoo, an intergalactic space-trash eradication game, a Reel Fishing WiiWare release, and more. The Japanese game company covered many genres, but for the second straight week, it released nothing for nostalgic gamers via the Virtual Console.

The DSiWare catalog expands today with Flametail (500 DSi points, or $5), the aforesaid space junk cleanup game. From Nintendo, this single-player game puts players in the cockpit of Flametail, an incinerator pod zipping through junk-infested outer space in the year 2099. Players will take control of the pod in two game modes and use a number of items and power-ups to ultimately rid the soiled blackness of its floating garbage.

Space is supposed to be empty, not full of garbage.
Space is supposed to be empty, not full of garbage.

Also being released today on DSiWare is Don't Cross the Lines from Aksys Games. This 200 DSi point ($2) puzzle game has 50 stages and requires a player to connect lines to identical boxes. And as its name suggests, crossing lines already drawn won't be good. Those looking to hang a medal around their chest will need to act quickly, as the game hands out gold, silver, and bronze accolades for rapidity of completion.

Fire Panic from Playtainment also has a release for DSiWare this week. For 200 DSi points ($2), players can assume the role of a futuristic firefighter and use the system's stylus to mark the quickest route to extinguishing flames, which are ravaging the digital city.

The last DSiWare title to debut today is Flips: The Magic Faraway Tree. From Electronic Arts, this 500 DSi point ($5) single-player game is the latest in the Flips series and takes players on an adventure to the magic Faraway Tree.

Shifting to WiiWare releases, Natsume casts Reel Fishing Challenge II out into the water. With more than 30 freshwater angling missions and numerous lures for catching slimy fish, gamers with an itch for fishing and 500 Wii points ($5) have something to look at this week.

Changing from water to terra firma, Lead the Meerkats (1,000 Wii points, or $10) hit WiiWare this morning. As a young meerkat, separated from the pack, players are challenged to assemble their own clan and venture through the wilderness. The game allows players to name their pack, and it also features head-to-head meerkat fights.

Rounding out the lot is Zoo Disc Golf for 1,000 Wii points ($10). Like the real-world disc golf sport, Zoo Disc Golf tasks players with hurling their disc into a target zone in the fewest number of throws. In this 18-hole zoological version, each goal is actually an Emergency Animal Control station. Up to four players can take part in the game as either a rockhopper penguin, kangaroo, panda, or meerkat.

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