"F**K Konami," Guillermo del Toro Says

It was a "moronic" move to cancel Silent Hills, director says.

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Film director Guillermo del Toro, who was working with Hideo Kojima on a new Silent Hill game before it got canceled, has lashed out at publisher Konami.

Writing on Twitter today, the Pan's Labyrinth director did not hold back. "F**k Konami," he said. This was the caption for a tweet that included a link to the newest trailer for Kojima's next game, Death Stranding. The very weird trailer aired during The Game Awards last night, and it featured none other than del Toro himself alongside Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen.

Kojima and del Toro said in the past they were interested in working together on something new, and Death Stranding could be that project. However, it remains to be seen what level of involvement del Toro has in Death Stranding beyond his appearance in the new trailer.

In another tweet, del Toro said the cancellation of Silent Hills makes no sense to him. This isn't the first time he's spoken out about the move, as he said in October 2015 that dropping the game "makes no f**king sense."

The director also showered praise on his friend Kojima, who took home an Industry Icon award last night at the show after being blocked by Konami to attend the event in 2015 amid his exit from the publisher.

For its part, Konami has said it remains "committed to new Silent Hill titles," though none have been announced. It added that the Silent Hills game was not actually very far in development, claiming it was only in the "embryonic" stage.

Silent Hills wasn't the first video game project involving del Toro that fell apart. The director was working on a horror game called Insane with publisher THQ, but it never materialized, in part due to the company's bankruptcy. After being burned twice, del Toro has said he doesn't intend to try to make a game of his own again.

"I have proven to be the albatross of video games," he said last year. "I joined THQ, and THQ goes broke. I join Kojima, and Kojima leaves Konami. I have decided, in order not to destroy anyone else's life, I will never again get involved in video games. Otherwise, I'll join someone and his house will explode, or something."

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Avatar image for PS2fweak

"Konami cancelling SH after PT is one of the most moronic things I've ever witnessed"

Only an idiot would argue with this.

Avatar image for CptJohnnyRico

Well that was disturbing.

Avatar image for louixiii

I can't wait to play Death Stranding. It's going to be something special

Avatar image for deactivated-5b63f02158cce

F**K Konami, F**K them all to death.

Avatar image for d_

F**k your poor diet. But I agree, denying us Silent Hill loses all my respect.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

This has fail written all over it though, bring in too many big names and there will not be enough money to develop the game... We've seen this happen multiple times throughout the years. Unless Kojima has some major funding for this game, which is possible given his record.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll


Avatar image for Commiesdie

Who the he'll is he to talk down to people most of his new 'movies have sucked

Avatar image for santinegrete

Oh Konami, I can't believe how much publishers have ceased to exist for one reason or another and you are just still standing to just to screw around and ruin things for gamers and makers of games in general. You should sell your IPs and cease to function and exist altogheter.

Avatar image for xdeathclawx

@santinegrete: They are like that cockroach that refuses tp die no matter what.

Avatar image for Abdulrahman1981

I think Del Toro and Kojima can still make a game with any other Developer, I don't think any developer will refuse to support those 2

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@Abdulrahman1981: *publisher

Also, it happens all the time, people with a big name and solid track record don't always get the funding they need... Lets just keep our fingers crossed on this one.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

Agree totally. **** Konami. Silent Hills was BRILLIANT.

Avatar image for Sanguis_Malus

"**** Konami" A certain Independent game Journalist has been exposing Konami for a quite a while.

Avatar image for deactivated-587b76d9129c1

That game will be mix of Metal gear solid and horror

Avatar image for pointingmonkey

Isn't him saying he's the albatross of the video games, an understatement? He joined The Hobbit trilogy as director, and MGM, who have been around for 92 years, almost went bankrupt. He joins The Mountains of Madness film, with James Cameron as producer and the film falls through, along with countless other projects of his that have never seen the light of day.

Avatar image for CrouchingWeasel

@pointingmonkey: I'd give my left fucking nut to see a del Toro helmed Mountains of Madness. Apparently del Toro was adamant on making it as a hard R rating, the sacless studio execs wanted it to be PG-13 or they wouldn't risk the cash. Del Toro told them to go **** themselves. It's sad because there really isn't another director with his vision that could pull it off.

Avatar image for pointingmonkey

@CrouchingWeasel: There's a draft of his script floating around the internet. I haven't read it yet, and haven't really heard anyone's thoughts on it either. If you're interested in giving it a read, just search "mountains of madness del toro script", and click the second link.

I imagine the R rating and the size of James Cameron's salary was a big factor in the studio dropping the film.

Avatar image for deactivated-58aa7e27264a0

I thought it. He said it. It's like we're in sync or something.