Five More Nintendo Switch Games Arrive On The Eshop

There are a bunch of new game options today for Switch owners.


Nintendo's next major Switch game launch, Splatoon 2, may still be a few weeks away, but there's still plenty happening on the Eshop. Today brings with a larger-than-usual slate of new arrivals, with a total of five games launching in the US.

Surprisingly, only one of the five is an ACA Neo Geo game, which often represent half of the new Eshop release in any given week. And it's a good one--Metal Slug 2 is among the series' best entries. It carries the standard Neo Geo pricing of $8 / £6.29.

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The other new releases include Vaccine ($10 / £9), a survival-horror game in the mold of the classic Resident Evil games; you choose from two different characters, each with their own special abilities. Bulb Boy ($9) is also a horror game, albeit a much different sort, as it's a side-scrolling adventure game with a cute art style. Implosion ($12 / £10.79) is an action game where you fight enemies using a mech suit. And finally, Shephy ($5 / £5) is a card game about obtaining a certain number of sheep.

These are the first new games of the week on the Eshop, unless you're in Europe, which saw the launch of a game that isn't out yet in the US. Last week's US releases included a Neo Geo Game (Magical Drop II) and the excellent Gonner. Splatoon 2 launches on July 21, but you can pick up a demo version beginning today that will be playable for a limited period of time on Saturday, July 15.

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