Five million fighting Guild Wars

NCsoft's nonsubscription-based MMORPG has now sold more than five million.


Back in January, Blizzard released the latest figures for its hugely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. The expansion pack The Burning Crusade had added another two million users to the game, which brought the total user base to over 10 million.

Now NCsoft has released some figures to show that its own fantasy MMO, Guild Wars, isn't doing so badly either. The latest numbers show that more than five million people have bought the game, which unlike WOW, operates without a monthly fee, and instead releases regular expansion packs.

The latest expansion pack, Eye of the North, was released at the end of August. It added new content for those players who had reached the level 20 cap, including new dungeons, skills, and minigames.

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