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Five Great Skyrim Creation Kit Mods

In the mood for some Skyrim modding? In celebration of the spiffy new Skyrim Creation Kit, here are five of our favorite new mods.


Greetings, PC adventurer! Maybe you've conquered vanilla Skyrim but not yet plucked up the courage to delve into the dark, intimidating depths of modding. Lucky for you, you coward, there's never been a better time to start.

With the recent launch of the Skyrim Creation Kit, a tool for empowering Skyrim modders to create and edit game elements, there's a whole slew of brilliant mods that have just arrived and are on the horizon.

That kit can also publish mods directly to the Steam Workshop platform, and with this nifty little interface, you can manage a whole bunch of popular mods from within the simple and familiar surroundings of the Steam application. Spy a mod you want? Simply click "subscribe" and next time you open the game, BAM: it installs. Wonderful.

We had a trawl through the offerings of the Steam Workshop and returned with our five favorites. Enjoy!

Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1

It's Portal 2 all up in your Skyrim. This mod from Valve and Bethesda adds Portal 2's chatty, space-obsessed core to your game. He'll come crashing down in Tamriel, and you'll go pick him up. It'll be great.

Ice Island

When you install this mod, you too can visit the coldest vacation spot in Skyrim. Oh, and there's a giant at the summit for some reason. Naturally, we murdered him.

Rabbit Rage

This mod appears to be an homage to Monty Python's The Holy Grail. It makes the bunnies sound super mean, although they don't go as far a ripping your throat out…yet.

Bigger Giants

This mod sure makes the giants significantly more intimidating. By contrast, however, it makes their mammoths look super cute! D'awww.

Open Cities Skyrim

Loading screens can be a thing of the past when entering cities with this mod; just open the gate and waltz on through. Currently, this only works for Riften and Markarth, but it's surely only a matter of time before you can go horse riding through all of your favorite holds and cities.

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