Fist of the North Star punching Japanese arcades

The classic manga series will soon appear in Japanese arcades, thanks to the folks who created Guilty Gear.


A new 2D fighting game based on the classic Fist of the North Star manga and anime series will soon reach arcades in Japan. The game is currently being developed for Sammy's Atomiswave platform by Arc System Works, which is best known for its Guilty Gear fighting game series.

According to reports from beta testers, Fist of the North Star will have a total of 10 characters, three of which are right now unavailable. The roster so far features most of the popular characters from the original series, including the main character Kenshiro, as well as Toki, Jagi, Rei, Shin, Yuda, and, of course, Kenshiro's eternal rival, Rao.

Fans of Fist of the North Star should rest assured that the game seems to feature many of the moves from the manga and anime. It also reportedly features both the famous dialogue between characters and all-new verse.

Fist of the North Star should be a real treat for arcade players who have been waiting for a new 2D fighting game, as it will feature high-resolution graphics similar to Arc System Work's Guilty Gear X.

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