Fishtank Interactive Announces Evil Islands

The role-playing strategy game from Nival is scheduled for release in March. New screenshots inside.


Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul

Fishtank Interactive has announced that it will publish Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul, an upcoming game from Nival Interactive that combines role-playing, action, and strategy elements. The game takes place in an interactive 3D fantasy environment consisting of more than 20 different expansive locations on three distinct islands, all of which have unique climates, cultures, inhabitants, and monsters. Players adventure either alone or with a small party. Combat in the game is designed to require tactical thinking, since the small party of adventurers will often be far outnumbered by enemies.

Players assume the role of Zak, who finds himself on the shores of a strange island with no idea of who or where he is. Through the course of the game, Zak meets both enemies and allies, and he travels to the three different islands in his quest to solve the riddle of his identity.

The game includes 80 missions that are expected to total around 100 hours of gameplay. An advanced 3D engine features real-time weather, day and night cycles, a free camera, and the capacity to render up to 30,000 polygons per frame. More than 300 wild animals and monsters are featured, and a new morphing technology shows changes in character and creature appearance during gameplay.

For more information about Evil Islands, take a look at our previous articles, which are linked below. Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul is scheduled for release in March 2001.

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