Fishtank announces AquaNox

The submarine action game from Massive Development is coming this fall.



Fishtank Interactive has announced AquaNox, the upcoming submarine action game in development at Germany-based Massive Development. The game takes place 15,000 feet under the surface of the ocean in a complex futuristic world of warring political factions and powerful monsters. A massive nuclear war has destroyed the surface of the earth, and the survivors have been forced underwater to survive. In the midst of political turmoil, an underwater landslide opens up a series of caverns and releases a group of ancient gods that have been imprisoned for centuries. Players assume the role of Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint, a mercenary submarine captain with a variety of skills and connections. Through the course of more than 30 missions, Flint has access to more than 40 different vehicles and a variety of upgrades and options. The game also features both cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes.

For more information about AquaNox, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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