First Xbox One guarded by sharks

First official system being guarded by 20 sand tiger sharks in New Zealand ahead of launch next week.

Image Credit: Stuff
Image Credit: Stuff

The first Xbox One to be sold on November 22 is currently being guarded by sharks in New Zealand, Stuff reports today. Twenty sharks at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland are protecting the next-generation console.

The Xbox One will launch on November 22 first in New Zealand, where Microsoft will hold a midnight launch party at Shed 10 in Auckland. After this, the iconic Sydney Harbor will be illuminated for the launch of the Xbox One.

The system in New Zealand was meant to be the first official Xbox One to be sold to the public, but a Target foul-up meant that as many as 150 consoles shipped to consumers ahead of time. These consoles cannot, however, connect to Xbox Live until closer to launch.

The Xbox One in New Zealand is currently being held in a water resistant container in a tank populated by sand tiger sharks, large-bodied creatures whose teeth protrude in all directions even when their mouths are shut.

The Xbox One will remain in the shark tank until launch, giving aquarium attendees the opportunity to come see the sight before the console is officially released on November 22. GameSpot will have more on the Xbox One leading up to launch.

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