First US PS3 TV ad rolls out?

Eerie 70-second-spot shows children awaiting giant airborne object shaped like the number "3."


Brian Eno's song "Ending (An Ascent)" was used in two films--Traffic (2000) and 28 Days Later (2003)--to convey an eerie-but-hopeful ambience. Now, the track has apparently been appropriated by Sony for use in what appears to be the first official television ad for the PlayStation 3. (Fan-made PS3 ads have bounced around the Web for months.)

Though it had not been officially confirmed as authentic by Sony, the professionally produced 70-second spot, shows a young boy packing his bags and then running onto the rooftop of his apartment building. After exchanging looks with another, similarly excited youngster, the boy looks skyward, where a giant object is casting a huge shadow shaped like the number "3."

The ad then fades to a black screen with the white tagline "The Wait is Over" and the PS3 logo. Although the clip appears to be from a Russian source, it is for the US market because it touts the North American launch date of November 17. It is viewable on YouTube or below.

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