First Unreal Tournament 2004 patch coming soon?

Epic and Atari are reportedly prepping the first update for their wildly popular PC shooter.


Earlier this week, details began to surface about the imminent release for the first patch for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Epic or Atari (who did not respond to inquires as of press time). However, a list appearing on Beyond Unreal seems to be pretty comprehensive, promising a cornucopia of fixes and gameplay tweaks. Among the fixes Beyond Unreal lists are:

  • Teams will now swap sides after each Onslaught round by default. This is configurable in the game settings menu.
  • Fixed flying Leviathan exploit where Leviathan can be based on another vehicle.
  • Fixed Leviathan pushing exploits by limiting the Leviathans max speed.
  • Fixed Tank pushing exploits by limiting max speed unless falling.
  • Node location names show up correctly in network games.
  • Fixed terrains with a negative scale not showing PowerNodes.
  • RadarMap can no longer be moved off-screen using the HUD configuration menu.
  • Fixed possibility of ion cannon volume in ONS-Severance killing someone entering it without giving them warnings first.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck next to a vehicle because they didn't think they were close enough to enter.

For a complete list of fixes, visit Beyond Unreal. You can also reserve the installer for the patch--whatever its final fixes will be--via GameSpot DLX.

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