First Social Media Reactions To Marvel's Eternals Call it 'Captivating,' 'Ambitious'

First social media reactions to Marvel's Eternals are glowing.


Marvel movies have gotten predictable, for better or worse. We know most of the central heroes pretty well, from Iron Man all the way up through Doctor Strange. As we move into Phase 4 of the MCU, though, many of those familiar faces are out of the picture. Marvel's Eternals has been the biggest question mark for the MCU since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Now the first social media reactions are rolling in from critics and journalists, giving us an idea of what to expect.

First reactions to Marvel's Eternals are, thankfully, overwhelmingly positive, calling it "the most shocking and surprising Marvel movie you'll see," "captivating," and "ambitious.

Nerdist's Dan Casey called Eternals "delightfully comic book-y," and "Jack Kirby's space cods done right."

The film seems to be a more mature take on a Marvel movie as well, showing the rare (but "very G-rated") sex scene.

For all the news surrounding Kumail Nanjiani's physical transformation for the film, he still seems to be very much in his wheelhouse.

Our own Chris Hayner went in much as many of us will--knowing absolutely nothing about the movie, thanks in part to the opaque advertising campaign--but "walked out a fan."

Marvel's Eternals is just a few weeks away, but spoilers are already circulating, especially about an end credits scene (beware spoilers!). There's one last trailer to check out, but the film is just weeks away, as Marvel's Eternals hits theaters on November 5, 2021.

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