First SimCity expansion launching November 12

Cities of Tomorrow add-on arriving this fall on PC and Mac; set 50 years in the future with new regions, technology, and specializations.


Electronic Arts today announced the Cities of Tomorrow expansion for SimCity, the first add-on for Maxis' city-building game that has shifted over 2 million copies to date.

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Due out on November 12 for the PC and Mac, the Cities of Tomorrow expansion is set 50 years in the future. Players are able to use "new technologies" and "experimental urban planning techniques" to shape the future of their cities.

New regions, technology, city specializations, and transportation methods will be featured in the Cities of Tomorrow expansion. For the first time in the history of the SimCity series, cities can be built vertically with multizone "MegaTowers," EA said in a statement.

"Will they create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology under the auspices of the Academy, or encourage giant corporation OmegaCo to strip-mine natural resources and pollute in the name of feeding consumerism?" EA said.

After players choose whether they want their sims to live in peace and harmony or as part of an "exploited workforce," they can further affect their worlds by using an all-new and unspecified disaster scenario that is exclusive to the Cities of Tomorrow expansion.

EA did not name a price for the Cities of Tomorrow expansion. For more on SimCity, check out GameSpot's review.

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Too bad there won't be any room in your city to put any of this new stuff .....

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So this is it, in 2 more years time, there will be 20 expansions or addons 30$-45$ each. **** this industry. Please, do not buy this, it's in our hands to redirect the franchise.

On the other hand, this games used to be URBANISTIC SIMULATIONs, not funny arcade game for kids, so we don't wan't futuristic cities, we wan't randomiced old-town option at start, underground, at least 50 times actual city-size, and of course modding.

Avatar image for chibi-acer

So many whiny babies who probably didn't buy the game in the first place.

If nothing else, the terrible launch did teach EA a lesson that they're already applying by commiting to make The Sims 4 playable offline. They did also state they're working on allowing larger cities. And as far as reparation, they already gave people free games. The value of which is debatable, but the people who seem to think EA should give away $100 of content for $50 game as an apology need to get a clue.

Avatar image for MdoRandoms

I really wanted this game to be good. I still do, but thats not going to happen which makes me sad.

Avatar image for PacoTaco

They should give this out for free to the 2 million unhappy gamers who mistakenly bought this trash thinking it would measure up to the previous games.

Avatar image for steves1102

I'm still not buying it if they won't let me play offline. It is a shame since they have something great that they want so badly to ruin.

EA or whoever is in charge please change this and allow us to play offline.

See, I even resorted to begging...

Avatar image for cirugo


you don't want to play this piece of shit offline OR online

Avatar image for steves1102

@cirugo @steves1102


Avatar image for Hellhound30x

YAY! Not a fan of "DRM" so they can keep it.

Avatar image for Quarkzquarkz

The REAL question is, will they finally expand the city size once and for all!??! I NEED TO KNOW THX IN ADVANCE!!

Avatar image for blackothh

so their solution to the unanimous outcry to make bigger zones is to build up? how fucked up are you ea?

Avatar image for Lo0o0oNg

Fake Morgan Freeman voice?!

Avatar image for Martyr77

So glad I saw it was an EA game before I was stupid and bought this.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

"EA did not name a price for the Cities of Tomorrow expansion"

usually she prices expansions at the same point as new games.

that is the case with some really lame sims 3 expansions that cost like 40 euros/dollars.

Avatar image for luciann

The game sold 2 millions? Poor fools that bought it

Avatar image for bloody-hell

Prediction : These "mega towers" are going to look extremely silly in that tiny backyard sized area you're allowed to build them in.

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest though that they're milking their few brainwashed customers instead of listening to feedback and making the game actually playable.

I can't think of any reasonable thing why anyone would pay money for this - The second the servers are shut down for whatever spooky reason EA comes up with, the game is useless and all money spent was for nothing.

Avatar image for RedLegZeff

I just want to know whether they fixed the major fundamental problems in the game. City size, and traffic pathing. Traffic pathing was something pretty much no review caught for a couple weeks, but it's a massive flaw in the basic gameplay mechanics.

Avatar image for Tixylixx

@RedLegZeff No, it's all still a problem. All they've done really is add shit DLC for £7.99 each.....

Avatar image for WiredDreemz

I wonder if SimCity will go down the same path as the Sims with tons of expansions!

Avatar image for lostaname

Why isn't there any way to boycott this?

Avatar image for blackothh

@lostaname There is a way, and I do it. Dont buy anything from EA.

Avatar image for dkeppens

Whoever buys this needs a complete mental checkup. No, REALLY

Avatar image for chiyochan111

There is still DRM, No cheats or console codes to make utopia. Nope forget it.

Avatar image for raiden3788

@chiyochan111 Actually there are cheats, but just in a dedicated mode called sandbox. You press i think ctrl+shift+w and get something like 10k simoleons.

Avatar image for AlphaWolF_J

Did anyone actually purchase this always online DRM garbage?

Avatar image for anakvunky


Avatar image for JustBeYourself

What a dumb idea, I'd rather just build a city and let it take it's own path not some stupid "choose between a utopia or a corporate wasteland" rpg crap. Jesus Chris, JUST GIVE US SIM CITY 4 BUT BETTER PLEASE.

Avatar image for jophy

**** this broken game. the only game I really regret buying. I posted a garbage error that breaks the gameplay last year on their forum. till now, its is frequently flooded with players with the same problem. but not a single fking response from mods and developers.

Avatar image for justinka777

so they just went ahead and copied ANNO 2070

Avatar image for Faye_Tallity

Oh god, I want this !!!! *looks down & pouts* But I will heed the warnings of my nerd brothers, & not be fooled. All you have to say is DRM & I won't get it...(frustrated pout) >: ((

Avatar image for blackothh

@Faye_Tallity DRM is the least of your worries, the game is terrible and full of design flaws, nowhere near the quality everyone expected from maxis.

Avatar image for TrueGB

"Tomorrow Never Dies...

...except in Sim City"

Avatar image for ewjiml

I could care less about an offline mode (as much as I want it).....I just want to build a real city, not a town.

Avatar image for JDWolfie

Would that new technology be offline mode?

Avatar image for northArrow

@JDWolfie and bigger cities

Avatar image for MysteryJ0ker

@northArrow @JDWolfie

Don't be preposterous. That type of tech is far beyond our reach.

Avatar image for Wrathesoul

Prepare for more drama and more microtransactions and other EA first gamers last attitudes.

Avatar image for demondogx

Just seems like a bunch of new buildings, nothing more
Knowing EA they will charge at least 30$ most likely more for it

Avatar image for Swiftrunners

This looks good , I loved the base game played over 100 hours cant wait for this will give it a fresh experience.

Avatar image for shnelle

Until it finally goes

Avatar image for Verenti

This looks really cool. Too bad I'll never get it because of EA bullshit DRM policies.

Avatar image for DawgByte2

So instead of giving us bigger maps to expand OUTWARD, they give us the ability to expand UPWARD. Hmmm...

Seems logical... in a very nonsensical form of Maxis & EA developmental perspective.

So then when will maps ever get bigger? With patch 8.0, 9.0, 10.0?! Seems like the biggest complaint/wish is one that will never get granted.

Avatar image for TheLeftHandDoom

GTAV until March, then Dark Souls II until god knows when. No, EA, there's no time for your broken, beta garbage.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

Looks cool, too bad the base game sucks, I really wanted to like it too.

Avatar image for cirugo

lol...are people still wasting money on this POS?

Avatar image for hystavito

@cirugo I got it the other day for $12, although I was not planning to get it after playing the beta because I really didn't like it.

Anyway, this future stuff doesn't interest me much and I'm sad that it's the direction they chose for the first major expansion.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@hystavito @cirugo Personally I enjoy other than a few problems such as inability to set service funding, the border limits, traffic(no matter how you set it up, it never works right lol), and just a few other small issues, though I think it would have been better if they went for a successor to Rush Hour, loved that expansion.

Avatar image for eridenou

Um, the original game still doesn't function correctly. Why are you releasing expansions instead of patches that fix the broken game mechanics?!

Oh, we used a broken simulation so traffic will eventually knee cap every single city... hey, I know... air ships. Oh, well, now what do we do to fix traffic? We already released air ships?! Hey, I know.. the future! With future technology sims can just teleport! We 1) don't have to fix the game mechanics and 2) have another worthless piece of DLC for gamers to buy!

Avatar image for dogbert784

[Cricket silence]

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