First Selfies, Now World of Warcraft Is Adding A New Racing Mini-Game

World of Warcraft taking on Mario Kart? Not really, but check out this new gameplay video of racing in Azeroth.


Not long after Blizzard Entertainment announced plans to bring selfies to World of Warcraft, the developer has now revealed another new feature for the genre-defining PC MMO: a racing mini-game.

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Currently available in the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm is a racing activity on the Darkmoon Faire island. Riding a special racing mount, your task is to zip through a course as fast as possible while avoiding electrical wires that can stun you. There are also sprint boosts and bouncy gears to hit that can speed up your time.

As Kotaku notes, using various other buffs and competing against other players could make for a Mario Kart-like level of chaos and fun. For more, check out the video above, from YouTube user zetzek, as well even more coverage at Wowhead.

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