First screens: Stuntman PS2

The developer of the Driver series is working on a stunt-based driving game for the PlayStation 2. See the first screenshots.



As previously reported, UK-based developer Reflections is busy working on Stuntman, which places players in the role of a stuntman who has to make his way through six movies and perform more than 20 stunts. In total, players will have to drive more than 10 vehicles in order to complete the stunts. These screenshots show off some of the first environments of the game, which will be shown in motion at E3. When contacted, Martin Edmondson, managing director of Reflections, confirmed that the screenshots shown are indeed in-game rather than prerendered visuals. The screenshots show some of the locations that will be featured in the game, including Thailand and the UK.

We'll have more from the E3 show floor. The game is slated for release this summer.

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