First Official Image Of New Doctor Who Is Revealed

About time.


The first image of the new star of Doctor Who has been released. The picture was tweeted by the show's official twitter account and gives us a first look at the latest Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker.

Whittaker was announced in the role of the 13th Doctor in July. She is the first female star of the long-running sci-fi series, and is pictured on a grassy plain with the TARDIS behind her. Check it out below:

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Whittaker replaces Peter Capaldi, who has played the Doctor since 2013. Capaldi will make his final appearance on this year's Christmas Special, and it's likely we'll see Whittaker make her debut in it too. The Christmas episode is titled "Twice Upon a Time," and a trailer was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Whittaker's first full season as the Doctor will air in 2018. The show also has a new showrunner, with Broadchurch's Chris Chibnall taking over from Steven Moffat. In a recent interview with the Radio Times, Chibnall suggested the show might take a different approach from previous seasons.

"What the BBC was after was risk and boldness," he said: "I had ideas about what I wanted to do with it. When I went to them and said, 'This is what I would do,' I actually expected them to say, 'Ooh, let's talk about that.' But they said: 'Great!'

"I finally said yes because I love the show to my bones. I resisted it for a very long time, and [the BBC] really had to woo me."

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Cool. I hope it's good.

Don't get me wrong. I won't watch it because I stopped watching Doctor Who before Tennant's run even ended. I just fell off it (Christopher Eccleston was the best of the recent series- I don't care what anyone says).

Still. I hope it's good. It's one of the few things to do this current trend where it could make sense. And I always want things to turn out for the best, there are just some things that have a history of not getting it right and I already have no faith in. This isn't one of those I just don't watch the new Doctor Who's anymore. I lost interest.

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I like the jacket and the Boots but not anything else. the Blouse is ok but those pants are awful. I hope that they change it.

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Doctor SJW

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The outfit looks terrible. The wardrobe department needs to go back to the drawing board.

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Dont rly look like dr who, but i will be watching it

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That outfit isn't very good. It looks kinda ridiculous . They should give her something cooler.

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Not watching her once as a matter of principle and nothing to do with her acting ability.

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@gotrekfabian: What principle are you referring to? In the context of the Dr. Who universe, it totally makes sense that there could be a female Doctor, (surprised it hasn't happened by now actually). Or is it something else?

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@aross2004: No, no. He meant the principle of sexism.

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@Oogazi: @aross2004: It's not really sexism I refer to as much as political correctness. This role was made female for the purpose of that alone and doesn't feel right in that universe to me. Yes, their can be female Timelords/Galifreyans but gender shifting is something only touched on over the last few seasons and would surely have been mentioned before now. The decision was made to appease the feminists and avoid any accusations of sexism rather than being a valid storyline.

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@gotrekfabian: In the classic series it was stated galifreyans can't change gender unless if their regeneration is meddled with via another time lord. Can't find it now, probably for the same reason jodie whittaker is now the doctor

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@gotrekfabian: I get what you're saying, I just kind of felt like we would see a female Dr. at some point, now seems like as good a time as any.

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I love it. This really looks like the Doctor! I'm excited to jump back into the show with Chibnall as showrunner and a refreshing Wittaker as the Doctor.