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First New Pokemon Revealed For Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Trainers can obtain a new form of Lycanroc in the upcoming titles.


A new Pokemon will debut in the series' next 3DS installments, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Today, the Pokemon Company revealed that players will be able to acquire a new form of the wolf Pokemon, Lycanroc, in the upcoming games.

Dusk Form Lycanroc, as this new form is dubbed, will only be obtainable in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It's the third possible variation of the wolf Pokemon. Previously, the form you could obtain depended upon which version of the game you were playing. In Pokemon Sun, Rockruff would evolve into Midday Form Lycanroc; in Pokemon Moon, the puppy Pokemon would change into Lycanroc's Midnight Form (the latter of which was distributed at GameStop stores earlier this year).

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According to the Pokemon Company, "[t]he colors of Dusk Form Lycanroc's body and eyes differ from those of previously discovered Lycanroc, Midday Form and Midnight Form." However, the Pokemon website says the new Lycanroc can't be obtained "by ordinary methods, such as discovering the mysterious Pokémon in the wild."

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are scheduled to release on November 17. Like Sun and Moon, the pair are set in the tropical Alola region but tell an "alternate story" and feature some Pokemon that didn't appear in the previous titles. Later this month, Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be able to receive a free Salazzle from select GameStop stores in the US.

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