First NASCAR Game for PS4, Xbox One Announced

The NASCAR Heat series returns in September.


The first NASCAR game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is on the way. The fully licensed stock car racing game, NASCAR Heat Evolution, launches on September 13, developer Monster Games announced today.

Heat Evolution, the latest entry in the NASCAR Heat series, includes numerous NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers and cars, as well as 23 licensed tracks.

The game, which is also coming to PC, will have new AI and Speed Rating systems that will adjust the gameplay to your skill level. Additionally, there will be quickplay races, as well as deeper offerings such as Career and Chase, the latter of which challenges players to win the Sprint Cup. Additionally, Heat Evolution will include Challenges--for these, players can attempt to beat a real-world NASCAR record, though none were specified.

Monster Games, which is based in Minnesota, also made NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona. In 2013, the developer released Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for Nintendo 3DS.

"We have been working on NASCAR Heat Evolution for 18 months and are excited about what we have created," Monster Games president Richard Garcia said in a statement. "From day one, our goal has been to deliver a fun, engaging and realistic racing game designed for NASCAR fans."

NASCAR licensing boss Blake Davidson also added a statement on the game.

"The gaming space allows fans to consume our sport on a daily basis, ultimately helping grow and diversify our audience," he said. "Our fans have eagerly anticipated the arrival of a new NASCAR game, and we expect that NASCAR Heat Evolution will be well worth the wait."

Additionally, the first Toyota driver to cross the finish line at this weekend's 2016 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be on the cover of Heat Evolution. According to the developer, selecting a cover athlete based on the results of a real race represents "a first in video game history."

Toyota drivers include Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth, and Martin Truex Jr.

Heat Evolution is co-developed by Dusenberry Martin Racing, which acquired the NASCAR video game rights in January 2015. Previously, the rights were held by Eutechnyx.

For more on Heat Evolution, you can add @dmrnascarheat on Snapchat to get a look behind-the-scenes of the game's official announcement event.

The last NASCAR game was 2015's NASCAR 15, though it was more of an update than a new game, and sells for only $20.

In other news about NASCAR video games, Microsoft just this week launched a NASCAR-themed expansion for Xbox One racing game Forza 6.

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Forza 6 could have had very good Nascar play, but they ruined it with only two ovals. The rest are all road courses which I hate.

People expect too much out of a GAME (like in the videos posted in this article). Nothing will ever be the same as sitting in a real car. In my opinion, too much simulation also ruins games, its the very reason I never got interested in World Of Tanks... too much simulation to that game which takes all the fun out of it.

On the Xbox One, this game needs to work well with the controller. Most people do not have the insanely priced steering wheels that are made for the Xbox One.

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As popular as NASCAR is in the US, I'm genuinely surprised there aren't more NASCAR games. And no, sorry, but adding Sprint Cup cars to Forza or Gran Turismo doesn't cut it.

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NASCAR Dirt to Daytona was amazing I had it for the GameCube and funny thing is I don't even like NASCAR but that game was epic.

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Between this and GT Sport it's no wonder MS felt the need to release one of its big E3 announcements early.

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@boaconstricta: lol MS is in a very comfortable position to have a racing franchise doing so good.
Many came and all lost against Forza.
Even Drive Club "the Forza Killer" made a suicide.
MS will as expected announce the next Forza Horizon,as racing series which already stomped everything in the arcade racing section.
I feel sorry for you as you seem trying really hard to troll as if you was paid to do so.
But,i am happy for Monster Games to have such a passionate follower like you who seems to believe their racing game can dethrone Forza. They can count on you to buy a copy of their racing game too.
I am looking forward to read your first impression of Nascar Heat Evolution.

Also,i am very proud of you how you creatively spun announcements of some racing games with MS' E3 press conference date...clap,clap

Avatar image for boaconstricta

@sladakrobot: What racing franchise is this then? PGR? lol

Keep spinning for Xbox, maybe one day you'll get paid for it.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@boaconstricta: In the past Sony trolls was way more creative and the trolling was on higher level.

You are as fun as Sampson...erm,i think you are indeed Sampson.

What is your main account again?

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Last Nascar game that I really enjoyed was Nascar 2005. Though as some have mentioned that dedicated Nascar games as of late have not been all that enjoyable. If Forza was on PC I would probably buy it and the DLC as I do find Nascar quite enjoyable to play(Despite very little interest in watching it on TV, watching it at the track is quite entertaining though).

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Nascar games always suck so i will stick with Forza 6 nascar dlc it's much better and done right

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

will the confederate flag be dlc?

Avatar image for darthrevenx

wbberful, just what we need a boring racer where we drive around a oval or another oval or.....a guessed it, an oval......

lemme just get my $60 out so I can buy this........or more realistically I can skip this doomed to fail monstrosity and give GT Sport a chance cus at least that has features that appeal to me more.....and has a variety in tracks....

NASCAR games usually suck ass.....

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Just as exciting as Desert Bus!

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Not going to lie Nascar games on the consoles have been pretty abysmal for a long time. I think the only console game I ever liked was in fact Dirt to Daytona so if its the same devlopers perhaps Ill give this a chance.

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@ritojr: Nascar has been dead on every platform including pc.The best Nascar game is the Forza 6 dlc it's hands down better than any nascar game on any platform

Avatar image for kenmaster239

@flames325: including the pc?? You clearly have ZERO clue what youre talking about

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Will this be good enough to beat Forzas Nascar DLC?

Avatar image for Ant_17

@sladakrobot: As DLC, yes.

As a game...pfft HAHAHAHA!

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@sladakrobot: Haha no

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Will the great Tony Steward be in this game?

Avatar image for doublem-k

Lets go left!

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@doublem-k: They have 2 road courses.

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@Triton: Actually, there's 5 if you count Truck series and Xfinity.

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@doublem-k: You bet! Making left turns is being taken to the next level.

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From Excitebike on the WII to Nascar...