First monthly Earth & Beyond update

Westwood plans to release improvements and new content for its online space RPG on a monthly basis--and the first update is coming next week.


Westwood has announced that the first update for Earth & Beyond will be released on October 30. The studio plans to release updates for the online space role-playing game at the end of every month. Westwood has also revealed that the first Earth & Beyond special event will take place on October 31.

Players have had the game for over a month and have had the chance to level up, and the first update will expand the number of items that mid- and high-level characters can find after battling the tougher monsters. There are also new missions for all character types. There have also been a few balance and technical improvements, including a change to increase ship speeds while planetside, more information on trade goods, graphical enhancements for combat, and improvements to the embedded browser.

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