First Monark Reveal Trailer Features Weaponized Egos

The new-school RPG is adding PC as a platform for its upcoming 2022 release in the West.


New-school RPG Monark will be making its way West in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch, developer Lancarse and publisher NIS America have announced. Developed by a studio made up of several people who previously worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series, Monark will feature English and Japanese voice acting and is set in an academy that contains the demon-filled dimension of Otherworld.

To survive in this realm, you'll need to harness their Authority of Vanity, which can be used to conjure a battalion of Fiends who are powered by their master's "Ego" according to Lancarse. To power up your Ego, you'll have to develop it through various psychological tests and gain enough power to stand against the seven Pactbearers who have corrupted the academy. Basically, the madder you are, the more powerful you'll become at the risk of permanently losing your sanity.

Fortunately, various allies and faculty staff will stop you from going off the deep end entirely, and you can unlock different Fiends to command in battle through the use of a freeform tactical system. Preorders are now open for the game, which will also be available in a $100 limited edition that includes a collector's box, hardcover art book, VANI limited soundtrack, Seven Sins cloth poster, and a Pieces of Ambition set of five acrylic stands.

Announced at the beginning of June, Monark's website originally contained a mysterious phone number that you could dial and then listen to screaming in the background while a Japanese voice delivered a creepy message.

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