First look: Xtreeme Forces

Raptor Entertainment's 3D real-time strategy wargame is set in the present day. Screenshots inside.


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Indian game developer Raptor Entertainment is working on a 3D real-time strategy game set in the present day. The game, code-named Xtreeme Forces, is intended to be a realistic simulation of war, and it features a number of units based on real-life vehicles.

After a massive nuclear war destroys the planet, the remaining civilizations of Earth band together to form a global government called the United Colonies Front (UCF). In order to maintain control of the population, the UCF imposes strict regulations on its citizens. Players will assume control of an ordinary citizen in the society, and they can choose to join a rebel group or fight against the rebels for the UCF.

Xtreeme Forces uses a 3D engine that adjusts the level of detail to match the user's system. The game is scheduled for completion in October. No official publisher or release date has been announced. We've posted some early screenshots from the game in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official Raptor Entertainment Web site.

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