First look: XGRA

Acclaim is working on a new game in the Extreme-G series.


XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association

At a press event last week Acclaim Entertainment released details on and showed a video of XGRA, the latest entry in the company's Extreme-G franchise. An early version of XGRA was shown in video form last week, and it looks as though it has taken the Extreme-G franchise in a completely new direction. Acclaim has decided to tone down the emphasis on speed in XGRA and focus gameplay more on combat.

The speed of the game has been slowed down so that players can take more time to battle it out with opponents. Acclaim is also adding new destructible environments that come complete with gun towers that take shots at you and the pack as you race by.

While the overall look of the game hasn't been changed dramatically, the development team has added a lot to the futuristic racing game. New bike and character models have been added, and new cars and sidecars have been introduced, all with an assortment of new weapons. The game will also feature real-time commentary that will call the action as it happens on the track.

XGRA is currently on schedule for release this summer for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. Check back for more information on XGRA in the near future.

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