First look: X-Men: Next Dimension

Activision releases the first screenshots from the GameCube version of its multiplatform fighting game set in the X-Men universe.


X-Men: Next Dimension

Activision has released the first screenshots from and information on the GameCube version of X-Men: Next Dimension, its upcoming multiplatform fighting game. The game will include 24 different characters from the X-Men universe and eight destructible areas to fight in. Some areas are split up into as many as 26 different sections. Characters will have the ability to fight in midair, perform chain combos or supers, and move in eight directions. The single-player story mode will allow players to fight as 20 of their favorite X-Men, and the game includes a versus mode as well.

X-Men: Next Dimension is currently scheduled for release in October. We'll have more on the game from E3 later this month.

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