First look: WWF Betrayal

See the first screenshots from THQ's WWF action-adventure game for the Game Boy Color.


Just prior to E3, THQ announced its first WWF action-adventure game, which will be released for the Game Boy Color. As the game's story goes, a WWF Heavyweight Championship match is ongoing, and Vince McMahon has been knocked unconscious backstage. To make things worse, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, has been kidnapped. As one of four WWF superstars--The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold, or The Undertaker--the player has to rescue Stephanie. Each wrestler has unique fighting and wrestling skills for taking on thugs, referees, and bosses. Plus, each can collect health items and weapons and unlock secret rooms and areas during the course of the game.

In total, there's six levels based in areas such as parking lots, alleys, and city streets. It's the player's goal to reach the top of the Titan Towers and save Stephanie. The environments themselves are dangerous, as steam blasts, fire, automated lasers, and other assorted traps need to be avoided. Some of the weapons include sledgehammers, baseball bats, batons, and monkey wrenches. It's also possible to pick up and toss trash cans, fire extinguishers, chairs, and crates at enemies.

THQ has not announced a specific release date for the game at this time.

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