First look: Will Rock

We take a brief look at Saber Interactive's upcoming shooter.


New York-based game developer Saber Interactive is developing Will Rock, a first-person shooter along the lines of Croteam's Serious Sam. Players will assume the role of William Rockwell, an accountant on the edge who leaves his job and home on a quest to discover biblical treasures described in his grandfather's diary. To recover these items, Will must fight his way through a variety of mystical creatures and monsters sworn to guard the treasures. The game will include more than 12 levels set in ancient Greece, ancient China, and medieval Russia. Players will have access to a number of high-power weapons to use in their fight against dangerous enemies.

Will Rock is built on Saber's proprietary Saber 3D engine, which includes a wide variety of advanced features such as smooth skin deformation, procedural geometry and texture morphing, procedural character animation, dynamic real-time lighting effects, particle effects, and visibility-culling effects for both indoor and outdoor environments.

We've posted some screenshots from the game in the gallery above. They show off some of the environments and enemies that players will encounter, as well as some of the game's visual effects and destroyable objects. No official publisher or release date for Will Rock has been announced. For more information about the game and the developer, visit the Saber Interactive Web site.

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