First look: Wiggles

We take a brief look at the upcoming subterranean strategy game from Innonics.


German publisher Innonics has revealed a new 3D strategy game, Wiggles, which features dwarflike characters of the same name. The wiggles are sent to Earth so they can locate and capture Odin's watchdog, Fenrin, with a massive chain that only the wiggles can forge. However, Fenrin is located in the center of the earth, and getting to the center of the earth is no easy task. It will take the wiggles a number of years before they can capture Fenrin. Your job is to teach the wiggles new survival techniques, such as the ability to forge new weapons, that the Wiggles can use to defend themselves against rival wiggle clans and the various beasts that roam the underworld. You also have to teach them how to cook mushrooms, raise hamsters, retrieve resources, produce tools for construction, and invent machinery--resulting in a complex resource management system.

Of course, the Wiggles can't simply work all the time, so an individual wiggle's schedule must leave room for free time where they can talk with other wiggles, sleep, play cards, or go to the bar. It's even possible for two wiggles to fall in love depending on their personalities. If they do, the two produce offspring who have the same skills and abilities that you taught the parents. Essentially, you can build an entire dynasty of warriors, builders, or inventors based on which wiggles interact and what skills they pass down to their offspring.

Wiggles also includes a number of other interesting features like real cave dynamics, where caves can collapse based on the wiggles' construction methods. There are different camera views that let you get a closer look at your wiggles and how well they are doing, or you can switch to an external ant farm-like view to get a better overall picture of your construction progress.

Wiggles is scheduled for release in the second half of 2001.

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