First look: White Fear

Microids' upcoming action-adventure game will follow a young shaman on a quest to free his people from the control of an evil witch.


White Fear

Microids' upcoming action-adventure game White Fear will follow the journey of Iru, a young shaman on a quest to free his people from the tyranny of a powerful witch called Sukko. Along the way, Iru will encounter a wide variety of creatures, spirits, and characters, some of which will teach him new magic spells. The game is set in a 3D fantasy world filled with frozen wilderness and magic. It will include fast-paced combat as well as puzzle-driven adventure elements.

We've posted some early concept art from the game in the gallery above. White Fear is in development at WideScreen Games, the French studio that created Frank Herbert's Dune, and it is scheduled for release in September on the PC and Sony PlayStation 2.

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