First look: Virtua Cop 3

Sega-AM2 is bringing another Virtua Cop game to the arcades.


Sega-AM2, the division of Sega behind the Virtua Fighter series, had Virtua Cop 3 on display at a recent press event in Japan. The basic mechanics of the game will be similar to previous games in the Virtua Cop series, but the development team has added a new skill called the ES-mode. This particular ability lets players produce a bullet-time-like effect that slows down projectiles, allowing them to shoot down bullets and other projectiles. However, there's an ES-mode meter that drains every time the skill is used, so players can't use it constantly throughout the game.

Virtua Cop 3 is being developed on the Xbox-powered Chihiro arcade board, and it's currently scheduled for release in Japanese arcades this April.

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