First look: Vietnam Air War

Just Flight releases details on its Vietnam conflict-themed expansion for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series. First screens inside.


Vietnam Air War

Following its recent The Dam Busters expansion for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series, Just Flight has today released screenshots and information on another combat-themed expansion--this time set in the skies above Vietnam.

Vietnam Air War is being developed developed by Alpha Simulations and is compatible with The Dam Busters , The Dam Busters , and The Dam Busters . Whichever game players use, the expansion features 13 new flyable aircraft, new scenery, and a highly detailed model of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

Players who play Vietnam Air War using Combat Flight Simulator 2 will enjoy the added bonus of being able to take the new planes into the skies against an extra six AI aircraft, plus there are 50 custom weapons, six extra airbases, 30 custom missions, and three campaigns included. There's even a mission where players get to rescue wounded troops using the Huey helicopter.

The list of new aircraft that are compatible with all three games is as follows:

A-1H Skyraider
AC-119G Shadow
F-4E Phantom II
0-1F Bird Dog
UH-1C Huey

US Navy
A-1J Skyraider
A-4C Skyhawk
A-6A Intruder
F-8E Crusader
F-4N Phantom II

North Vietnamese Air Force
MiG-17 (metallic finish)
MiG-17 (camouflage finish)

Players using Combat Flight Simulator 2 will also find themselves up against the following aircraft:

B-52F Stratofortress
Martin B-57B
F-105D Thunderchief
F-100D Super Sabre
RF-101C Voodoo
English Electric Canberra Mk20

Vietnam Air War is scheduled for a European release later this month. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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