First look: V-Rally 3

Infogrames announces that an improved version of its PS2 rally driving game will be released for the Xbox next year. First screens inside.


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Infogrames has announced that an enhanced version of V-Rally 3, which was released for the PS2 in October, will be released for the Xbox next year. The most obvious improvements to the game will be the visuals, which will include special effects that Eden Studios was not able to implement in the PS2 version. The other noticeable improvement to the Xbox version of the game will see the handling of the cars becoming more responsive and the tracks becoming a little wider--keeping the game simulation oriented but making it a little more accessible.

"V-Rally 3 on Xbox is not a lazy port of the PlayStation 2 version," said Larry Sparks, vice president of European marketing at Infogrames. "The great work done on the handling and the in-game special effects gives V-Rally 3 its own distinctive identity on Xbox and is a great way to introduce this legendary racing franchise on to a great console."

V-Rally 3 is currently scheduled for release in Europe in April 2003 and, although no North American release details have been confirmed at this time, we're confident that the US version won't be too far behind. For more information on V-Rally 3, you might like to check out our full review of the PS2 version.

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