First look: Underworld: Crime Does Pay

Phoenix Entertainment is developing a game that combines elements of first-person shooters and real-time strategy games.


Underworld: Crime Does Pay

South Carolina-based Phoenix Entertainment is developing Underworld: Crime Does Pay, a game based on organized crime that combines first-person shooting and strategic management. Players assume control of a small criminal organization, and they must oversee the day-to-day operations while fighting law enforcement and trying to extend their power. As the mob boss, players can choose to lay low while making strategic economic moves to build the organization, or they can choose to strong-arm their opposition with firepower.

The game will include a wide range of gameplay options, including extortion, fraud, loan sharking, and theft. Players will recruit new members for their organization, each of which will have unique abilities, weapons, and specialties. In addition to a series of single-player scenarios, the game will include a multiplayer mode.

Underworld: Crime Does Pay is split into two primary game modes: strategic and first-person. From the strategic mode, players will oversee the operations of their crime network from an aerial view of the 3D city. At any point in the game, though, players have the option to zoom in on a member of their organization and assume control of that character from a first-person perspective. As a participant in a number of illegal activities, characters in the game will see plenty of gunfights, whether they are against competing criminal organizations and law enforcement or during a bank robbery.

We've posted some early screenshots in the gallery above showing off some of the game's 3D environments from a first-person perspecitve. For more information, visit the official Underworld Web site. No official release date or publisher for Underworld: Crime Does Pay has been announced.

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