First look: Twerps

UK-based development studio Reef Interactive announces the development of Twerps, an original action-puzzle game for the PC and current-generation console platforms. First screenshots inside.


Twerps (1999)

Reef Interactive announced today that it is currently developing Twerps, a fast-action 3D puzzle/strategy game in which players build castles and other structures out of building blocks and then do battle with opponents using weapons, twerps, and wizards. The game begins in the Stone Age and evolves though a number of different eras, ending in the distant future. At any point in the game, players can choose which units they want to use the resources for, similar to the building aspect in Command & Conquer. Once new units are completed, players can place them within the castle structure wherever they want. The specific combination of bricks players use when building their castles will determine the fort's integrity and energize their twerps, wizards, and artillery through the ages of evolution.

GameSpot recently had the opportunity to visit Reef Interactive's offices and play the game for a day on various platforms. There is a wide range of game modes available in Twerps. For example, the game features a story mode that takes players through a professor's research of a mysterious island where several eras exist and overlap. The puzzle mode includes about 47 puzzle maps where you have to build certain a structure with a minimum number of bricks or help your twerps finish building a bridge so they can cross a river. The competitive mode is particularly addicting, as it can be played either online or against someone on the same console. Twenty different battle maps are featured in this mode. Each player needs to establish a castle as quickly as possible and at the same time choose which strategy to adopt in order to defeat the opponent. Coupled with the fact that more than one player or opponent can be on a map, this sets the tone for wild multiplayer duels, both on PC and console platforms. Overall, players will come across various types of twerps, from workers who help you repair your fort to wizards, knights, and more.

The controls were very easy to master, which should add to this game's mass-market appeal. The graphics are very crisp and colorful, setting the comical tone for the whole game. Reef Interactive is currently evaluating publishing options, and the game is scheduled for a release in summer 2002. The exact platforms and the publisher will be announced shortly here on GameSpot.

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