First look: TransWorld Snowboarding

We play a pre-alpha version of Infogrames' snowboarding game for the Xbox.


At a press event in Las Vegas yesterday, Infogrames gave the press a chance to play TransWorld Snowboarding, its upcoming snowboarding game for the Xbox. Originally in development for the Dreamcast, the game has since been completely revamped for the Xbox hardware, and the results are impressive. Hoping to strike a balance between realism and fun, Housemarque (the game's developer) is designing TransWorld Snowboarding to appeal to both the ardent snowboarder and fans of video games in general. While the tricks and locations included in the game are authentic, the game's 18 courses are designed to provide ample airtime to keep the excitement levels at a maximum.

TransWorld Snowboarding will include five different single-player modes including slopestyle, boarder X, time attack, backcountry, and straight jump. There will be 10 real professional riders included in the game--seven male and three female. In addition, there will be an extensive multiplayer component that will allow for both split-screen racing action and turn-based games of horse. The three to seven objectives required for each level in the game will remain open-ended so that players are not forced to hit the same kickers over and over. For example, players will be asked to perform a jump of 150 meters, but it will not matter where the jump is performed. The control scheme is similar to that found in Microsoft's Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, but it's more polished and easier to learn. Ollies are performed with the A button, grinding is accomplished by pressing the B button, and pressing the X button will give your rider a speed boost. Performing grabs is accomplished with the right analog stick, and you can access an entirely new set of grabs by pressing in on the stick.

Scheduled for release in the fall, TransWorld Snowboarding for the Xbox is shaping up to be valid contender in the crowded snowboarding genre. Look for our full preview of the game early next week, but until then, enjoy the first screenshots from the game.

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