First look: TimeSplitters 2

Free Radical Design throws the covers off the sequel to its first-person shooter for the Sony PlayStation 2.


Free Radical Design has released the first information on and screenshots from TimeSplitters 2, its first-person shooter for the Sony PlayStation 2. While the original TimeSplitters focused heavily on its multiplayer aspects, the sequel will include a more involved single-player and cooperative story mode. According to the developer, the story mode in TimeSplitters 2 will have several objective-based episodes tied together with cutscenes.

As seen in the screenshots, the character design has been drastically improved for the sequel. Aside from improved modeling and textures, the developer will use inverse kinematics to create more lifelike character animation. The game's environments will also be improved, as Free Radical Design will include larger, more dynamic surroundings in the sequel.

"With TimeSplitters we were just finding our feet, now we can go to town and show people what we're really capable of doing--TimeSplitters 2 will be an exceptional game," said David Doak, managing director of Free Radical Design.

"Free Radical Design demonstrated with TimeSplitters that they are one of the world's leading development teams," said Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos, the game's publisher. "To say we are excited about TimeSplitters 2 would be a massive understatement."

TimeSplitters 2 will bring back an enhanced version of the map creator, and the developer also hopes to add PlayStation 2 I-Link support. A specific release date has not been announced at this time.

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