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First look: The Lord of the Creatures

Arvirago releases the first information on its upcoming fantasy adventure game for the PC. First screens inside.


Madrid-based developer Arvirago--which was formed last year by former Pyro Studios employees--has released the first information on its first original game, The Lord of the Creatures. Described as an epic adventure set in a fantasy universe, the game will allow players to explore imaginary worlds inhabited by unbelievable creatures. Gameplay details are scarce at present, but Arvirago has stated that players will be able to confront challenges on their own or interact online with other players around the world.

Arvirago has developed its own graphics engine for The Lord of the Creatures, and the game will feature numerous special effects, including bump mapping, volumetric shadows, antialiasing, and vertex and pixel shaders. No release date has been announced at this time, and although the PC version of The Lord of the Creatures is the only one to have been confirmed, the company profile on Arvirago's official Web site does state that console versions of the game are planned. We'll bring you more information on The Lord of the Creatures as soon as it becomes available.

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