First look: The Last Ninja

Simon & Schuster reveals an upcoming Xbox game based on the classic "The Last Ninja " games.


Simon & Schuster recently updated its Web site with information regarding an upcoming Xbox game based on the classic trilogy of Last Ninja games. The third-person action game is being developed by London-based Studio 3 Interactive and is slated for release this winter.

In the game, players will assume the role of Armukuni, the lone surviving member of the greatest Ninja clan from the Edo period of Japan. The clan was nearly wiped out by an evil Shogun called Kunitoki, whose intent was to control Japan by using military force and dark magic. Armukuni sets out to free Japan from Kunitoki's rule and avenge his clan's annihilation by killing Kunitoki. Armukuni's road to revenge and redemption is blocked by Kunitoki's forces, which include human henchman and demons.

While Armukuni sets out on his own, he is never alone on his journey, thanks to the presence of his mentor, Makrin. A guiding spirit who appears at certain points throughout the game, Makrin will offer direction and information as players progress. Makrin can also be summoned by Armukuni at specific locations when players need guidance.

The gameplay in The Last Ninja will combine, action, adventure, strategy, exploration, stealth, and combat. Levels will feature multiple paths, allowing players to make their way through the use of stealth techniques, ninja magic, or simple brute force. The game will make use of an intelligent third-person camera that will emphasize a cinematic presentation for the action.

The Last Ninja is currently slated for release this winter on the Xbox.

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