First look: The Incredible Hulk

Universal Interactive releases the first gameplay information on its Marvel-inspired fighting game for the GBA. First screens inside.


In addition to the Hulk games in development for the PC and all current game consoles, Vivendi Universal plans to release a completely different game using the same license for the Game Boy Advance around the same time. The GBA version of the game is different not only because of the obvious limitations of the handheld console, but also because it's inspired by the original Incredible Hulk comics rather than the upcoming Hulk movie.

The game will be played from an isometric perspective and will see players assuming the role of Hulk as he smashes his way through a number of varied locations including barren deserts, underground caves, military compounds, subterranean cities, and even Earth's distant future in search of solitude. Almost every object in the game will be destructible, but complex puzzles will also be included to prevent the game from becoming too mindless.

The Hulk will be confronted by dozens of enemies simultaneously in the game, and in addition to the US Army forces under the command of General "Thunderbolt" Ross, these will include a number of classic bosses such as the Abomination, the Executioner, the Molemen, Tyrannus, and the sinister Leader's Humanoids.

In addition to the single-player game, The Incredible Hulk will feature head-to-head "Hulkmatches" for up to four players, although no specific details on the multiplayer gameplay have been released at this time. We'll bring you more information on The Incredible Hulk as it becomes available.

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