First Look: Thandor

We deliver a first look at a new 3D RTS game coming next year from German developer Planet 4.


We recently reported on a game by the name of Earth 2150 that is quickly becoming an RTS superpower for the coming year. Well, there's another title on the horizon that is intent on capturing that same throne of 3D real-time strategy gaming, Thandor. German developer Planet 4 is preparing the title, which is already receiving positive reviews in Germany.

But what is it all about? Thandor revolves around an alliance going through a long and arduous war at the edge of our galaxy. Because of corruption within the alliance, little fights break out under the coat of diplomacy. And with conflicts growing larger and larger, the parties declare full-on war with each other.

Thandor features real 3D terrain as well as a true line of sight, meaning that the height of the terrain will have an effect on the units and their ability to hit targets. The many kinds of terrain will also have a major effect on building and combat strategies. For example, when a rocket hits the ground, the ground is unearthed by the explosion. This would then ultimately affect your strategy for that area. Trees can also fall down, and we've seen comets hitting the planet.

All of the units are animated in high detail, and it will be possible to download new units, tribes, and missions over the Internet. Over a local network or the Internet it will also be possible to battle up to seven fellow generals.

While Thandor will be releasing early next month in Germany, no US release date has been mentioned so far. However, we have been assured the title is definitely headed stateside. We'll have an interview with the Thandor development team soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the new screens and videos we've managed to grab for you.

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