First Look: Team Factor

7FX unveils its team-oriented first-person shooter. New screenshots inside.


US Special Forces: Team Factor

7FX, a small developer made up of members from multiple countries, recently updated its official Team Factor site with new screenshots of in-game action featuring the United States scout character and the Russian solider. Team Factor is a multiplayer team-based first-person shooter similar to the incredibly popular Half-Life: Counter-Strike mod. You can select from three different teams - blue, red, and black - which are composed of soldiers from different nations. The blue team is made up of US Army Rangers and German Fallschirmjaegers, the red team features the Russian Spetznaz, and the black team currently represents the rest of the world.

Each team has a unique variation on the four basic soldier types - soldier, sniper, specialist, and scout - and each type has a unique set of attributes that makes them ideal for specific combat situations. For example, the basic soldier type has balanced abilities and can access a reasonable amount of weaponry, while the sniper type is for those that want long-range observation and attack capabilities. 7FX has designed the individual team objectives to discourage two teams from joining forces and attacking the single remaining team.

In addition to grenades and general explosive devices, Team Factor features over 40 weapons, all of which have been meticulously modeled after their real-life counterparts. Pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns are all included in your arsenal - though weapon use is restricted to the type of soldier the player is using. Chances are most players will be able to find their favorite weapons in Team Factor.

7FX is still looking for a publisher, but the team expects to have a public demo ready by the spring of 2001.

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