First look: Survivor

An adventure game based on the hit reality TV series is in the works at Magic Lantern. New screenshots inside.


Infogrames Entertainment has unveiled its upcoming game based on the popular Survivor television series. In the game, players will assume the role of one of the 32 cast members who participated in either the Pulau Tiga or Australian Outback competition. The game features full-, half-, or short-season games in which players compete in 24 reward and immunity challenges. Each character will choose a role in the tribe based on 10 essential survival skills, such as fishing, cooking, building, and swimming.

Like in the TV series, contestants in the Survivor game will form alliances and relationships, and they will vote fellow members of their tribe out of the competition. Survivor: The Interactive Game is in development at Chicago-based Magic Lantern Playware, and it is scheduled for release in October.

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